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>> I just picked up on this interview with John Sculley, which starts:
>> I?ve used a Newton since 1993, and only gave up using my 2000 last
>> November, when I bought an iPhone 4S - this still doesn?t do some things as
>> well as the Newton (apart from HWR), for example, the ?Spotlight? type
>> search function will not pick up words everywhere in the device!  My Newton
>> is still has a lot of my 'history' on it, and I go back to it from time to
>> time to check things out.  I also like occasionally to take it into one of
>> the Apple stores, and show it to the staff, most of whom have never seen
>> one -they generally were still at school when Apple stopped making the
>> Newton.
>> Apologies if you?ve all picked this up already
>> Norman Keen
> Hi Norman,
> Your story is truly why I love so much NTLK. It reminds me there is really
> more to it than just an electronic device.
> Newton is poetry somehow !
> Thanks for the Pen Computing archives link. It's amazing.
> Keep the green dream alive
> Laurent

I hadn't seen that particular article, thanks Norman.  I was also
reading about the Newt back the days of Pen Computing.  I still have
most of the of the old issues I purchased off the news stand.  I
remember reading though them several times, and the Newt section
probably 10 times.  :)  I still pull them out on occasion, there was a
lot of good general info and software reviews there.  I found out about
several programs I either purchased right then or tracked down a copy of
years later (like Newt Shodo).

I still use my newtons on a regular basis.  And more so now that I have
a connection method that works well.  I have played around with the
various tablets but so far nothing has really 'grabbed' me.  Personally
I don't like the iPhone.  I like a phone to be a phone.  Perhaps a
camera if you don't have another one handy at the moment.  But
everything else?  Reading a book?  Trying to really get work done?  No.
 I find the calendars less than ideal.  Tablets might get there some day
but they are still laking compared to my newton.

If I do get a tablet I might try to run einstein on it.  What I would
really like is einstein to run on windows well and be able to move data
back and forth from einstein to my newton.  Now that would be ideal.
But from what I have heard the version of windows einstein is less than
stable or gets slow and unusable in about 15 minutes.  I should grab a
copy of it though and try it out.

Btw good to see you Laurent, havn't see you around in a while. :)


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