[NTLK] FS - Newton, eMate and accessories

Ken Greek kaptnken at kaptnken.com
Tue Oct 9 17:39:07 EDT 2012

Time for me to give up my Newtons…I haven't used them in a long while 
and it's time for them to go to a home that will use and appreciate 
them. Don't want to break them up, would prefer it all go as a package. 
I'm asking $100 USD + shipping from zip 24153 to CONUS. I can send photos.

Newton 2000 upgraded to 2100, wear on case, all doors intact and clips 
working, original stylus
eMate 300, very clean and has original stylus
2 MB Flash card
Slot filler
Interconnect serial adapter
Leather flip case
Newton keyboard case (no keyboard)
2 working Newton power supplies
1 dead rechargeable battery
AAA battery sled
PC serial cable
2 NuShield screen protectors
Original box with owners manual, Getting Started, Using Email, Newton 
Works Word Processor User's Manual, Internet Enabler User's Manual, 
Connection Utilities manuals for PC and Mac - all in like new condition
NS Basic Handbook


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