[NTLK] Newton 100 & 120; Newton Connection Kit for Windows & for Mac

Ken Ho ken59215 at live.com
Tue Oct 9 18:12:58 EDT 2012

I have the following oldies:

MessagePad 100MessagePad 120Newton Connection Kit for WindowsNewton Connection Kit for Mac
which I would like to give to someone who could make good use of them, preference given to someone who is willing to pick them up in a timely fashion in the Boston, MA, area.  I used them all in the past, but I think the current battery situation for the MessagePads is questionable.  Dropped my glasses once on the 100's glass, leaving a small scar on the screen.

For anyone who has made meaningful contributions to Newton activities, if the cost of slow speed postage is not outrageous, I will mail these things to you at my own expense.
If I don't find a suitable recipient in a reasonable amount of time, I guess it's the trash heap for this stuff.

-Ken Ho

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