[NTLK] Weird OMP Boot Cycle & Diagnostics Menu

William Maloney william.maloney.09 at cnu.edu
Mon Oct 22 00:56:57 EDT 2012

Despite warnings from folks on here, I dropped a few bucks (mostly for
the power adapter) for someone who was selling a Newton OMP locally.
The thing looks great on the outside but when booted, its gets this
strange grid on the screen, flickers, and it blacks out rolling over.
A few minutes ago tonight, I booted it up and came back to find it
running a diagnostics menu. It had several options such as RUN OS,
REBOOT, SHUTDOWN, etc. Unfortunately, these options did not work.  I
have never seen this on any MP. Is this some kind of secret menu?

A reset caused Newton to boot to its OS (v. 1.0.0) but the screen
flicker remains. It also thinks the "GETTING STARTED" card is somehow
a card not formatted for the OS and tries to reformat it. The volume
is very very low. Any ideas guys?

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