[NTLK] Weird OMP Boot Cycle & Diagnostics Menu

James Fraser wheresthatistanbul-newtontalk at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 22 04:28:47 EDT 2012


--- On Sun, 10/21/12, William Maloney <william.maloney.09 at cnu.edu> wrote:

>I booted it up and came back to find it running a diagnostics menu. It had >several options such as RUN OS, REBOOT, SHUTDOWN, etc. Unfortunately, >these options did not work.  I have never seen this on any MP. Is this >some kind of secret menu?

I wouldn't say "secret" so much as "little known." :)

It sounds like you might have come across an earlier version of this:


Frank Gruendel's hardware page:


...alludes to the Diagnostic Mode of the OMP near the very bottom of the page with a "Coming Soon!" icon right next to it (or rather, left next to it).  

Frank Gruendel being Frank Gruendel (i.e. a thorough, painstaking sort of chap, as anyone who has spent a few minutes gawping at his site will affirm), I would guess that he, at least, has seen the Diagnostic Mode you seem to have come across on your OMP and has simply lacked the time to write it up on his site. 

(Of course, since my last name is "Fraser" rather than "Gruendel," that's strictly a guess on my part.)

Do you have a rough idea how long you were away from your OMP before you came back and saw the menu (i.e. can you reproduce what you did)?


James Fraser

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