[NTLK] Einstein Simulator Status Update 2

Matthias Melcher mm at matthiasm.com
Mon Oct 22 18:07:38 EDT 2012

A little update. I have writte native versions of the following functions:

NEWT_INJECTION(0x002EDAF8, "FastFindVar(FastRunState*, long)") {
NEWT_INJECTION(0x002ED9B8, "FastBranchIfLoopNotDone(FastRunState*, long)") {
NEWT_INJECTION(0x0031E684, "BinaryData(Ref)") {
NEWT_INJECTION(0x002F42A0, "TInterpreter::PeekValue(...)") {
NEWT_INJECTION(0x002F428C, "TInterpreter::PopValue(...)") {
NEWT_INJECTION(0x002EE138, "TInterpreter::FastRun1(...)") {
NEWT_INJECTION(0x002EE0A8, "TInterpreter::FastRun(...)") {
NEWT_INJECTION(0x0031DD54, "ObjectPtr(Ref)") {
NEWT_INJECTION(0x002ECD94, "FastFreqFuncGeneral(FastRunState*, long)") {
NEWT_INJECTION(0x002F1CEC, "TInterpreter::SetFastLoopFlag(...)") {
NEWT_INJECTION(0x0031E290, "ObjectFlags(...)") {
NEWT_INJECTION(0x002F543C, "TInterpreter::SetFlags(...)") {
NEWT_INJECTION(0x002F1D68, "TInterpreter::AlternatingLoops(...)") {

The speed index went from 3500 to 5600. This is not representative, but nevertheless pretty cool. I assume I will have to make a performance check to find out which functions take up the most cycles during normal use... .

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