[NTLK] Adding battery tabs (was: Rebuilding battery pack using Eneloop cells?)

iSpinn ispinn at gmail.com
Sun Aug 18 13:29:17 EDT 2013

> After successfully rebuilding my first battery pack (thanks Frank for the
> detailed instructions), I'm wondering if there's any reason to not use
> Eneloop cells for my next pack. They don't come with solder tabs, so that's
> going to be a bit trickier, <snip>

Anyone rebuilding Newton or eMate battery packs will be happy to know
that most battery shops will happily use their spot welding equipment
to add the tabs to your project batteries.

When I had my last few sets rebuilt, I provided them with the yellow
current limiters (go to Frank's site and look under Hardware > Battery
pack rebuild) and it was a non-issue for them to spot weld them into
the correct location in each pack.

Heat kills batteries, so IMHO it's worth it to pay the little extra
and let the pros do it using their equipment rather than risking a DIY
attempt at soldering that could easily damage the batteries by cooking
their ends.


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