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Larry Zasitko l.zasitko at sasktel.net
Fri Feb 1 17:41:06 EST 2013

I bought one of these shortly after I got my 2100. Great holster and still looks today almost as nice as brand new. I have another holster made by WonderBag and it is nylon but is showing its age a bit (if any wants it just cover the postage and they are welcome to it). Can't recall now what I paid for it or the Rip-Off although I believe the Rip-Off was a decent price. I also have a Newton Leather case for the 2000/2100 that is still in good shape. The Rip-Off was the one of choice when I took the Newton everywhere. Nowadays it sits on my desk and I take my iPad3 or Mini when I am out and about. 

For the iPad I found two cases that I use, one is a sleeve made by Verizon that I found last Sept in Victoria BC at Princess Auto for $7. I use it most of the time and I can leave the back on the iPad (I have a Mcally Eco Stand (Bamboo) that has a magnetic piece on the back so it can rotate and still stay in place. The second case I have is if I am travelling and it is big enough to hold most any tablet up to 10". It has enough space for the charger and stylus etc as well as a digital camera. It is a hard case case called Kroo Cube Case and I found it on the way home in Calgary Alberta at a place called Bianca Amore's (Liquidation type of store) for $12.00 

Playing around with Einstein on the iPad3

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On 2013-02-01, at 10:15 AM, Lord Groundhog wrote:

> ~~~ On 2013/02/01 05:15, Tony Kan at tonykan at xtra.co.nz wrote ~~~
>> Unfortunately the Newton won't fit in a pair of shorts.
> Obviously, if your Newt doesn't fit, you aren't dressed properly.  There's a
> really good company in Pennsylvania called Rip-Off (rather inappropriately
> considering what a great product they make at very reasonable prices).  They
> make all kinds of holsters including one that fits my MP2100 like they were
> made for each other.  When your clothes let your Newt down, your holster
> will take over!  (Disclaimer:  I have NO connection to this company except
> as a very happy owner of their holsters -- yes, that's plural.)
>> BTW at what point does this thread get a [OT] tag?  :)
> When it becomes OT -- which OF COURSE it can't do because we're talking
> about poutine.  Dig my sig, bro.  B-)
> Shalom, 
> Christian 

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