[NTLK] Einstein: HWR preferences--animated icons

Doug Parker ispinn at gmail.com
Sat Feb 2 13:24:56 EST 2013

I hope Matthias and Larry can run with this one...

One thing that frequently disappointed me about the HWR on the Newt was how
small the icons were that animated how the different letters were
traced--HWR prefs. Often it wasn't clear what was happening in the
animation. If you're thinking "me too," then email me offlist and if
there's a deluge of them, I'll post some kind of summary back to the list
so everyone can know...and if you never see a summary, then, er, it was
just me. ;-)

So, can Einstein's animations be made larger? Not just magnified, but
adding pixels to their display size to make the path trace more evident?

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