[NTLK] Einstein: HWR preferences--adding letter creation prefs

Doug Parker ispinn at gmail.com
Sat Feb 2 13:25:59 EST 2013

I hope Matthias and Larry can run with this one, too...

One thing that frequently disappointed me about the HWR on the Newt was how
limited the choices were for the different letter creation preferences. I
thought that more letter creation prefs would mean a more accurate
recognition of lettering, handwriting, and blends of both. I can't give a
specific, but in some cases, there was a single choice in how a particular
letter was traced--that's literally not even a preference. A preference
with one option? That's funny!

So, 1) can more letter creation preferences be *easily* added to Einstein,
and 2) would adding new letter creation prefs guarantee a more accurate
recognition while keeping its speed?

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