[NTLK] Einstein: HWR preferences--adding letter creation prefs

Matthias Melcher mm at matthiasm.com
Sun Feb 3 02:27:49 EST 2013

Hi Doug.

Sorry. At this point we can not help you. We do understand a lot of what is going on inside the NewtonOS, but we can't really change much inside. Einstein provides something like a sandbox in which NewtonOS can play and do its thing.

The last chang, going from emulatipn to simulation, is astep in your direction. But to be honest, a co.plete translaton of the NewtonOS would tak ten man years or more... .

Doug Parker <ispinn at gmail.com> schrieb:

>I hope Matthias and Larry can run with this one, too...
>One thing that frequently disappointed me about the HWR on the Newt was
>limited the choices were for the different letter creation preferences.
>thought that more letter creation prefs would mean a more accurate
>recognition of lettering, handwriting, and blends of both. I can't give
>specific, but in some cases, there was a single choice in how a
>letter was traced--that's literally not even a preference. A preference
>with one option? That's funny!
>So, 1) can more letter creation preferences be *easily* added to
>and 2) would adding new letter creation prefs guarantee a more accurate
>recognition while keeping its speed?
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