[NTLK] Newton Syncing in 2013

Bradley Mattice bradwart at gmail.com
Wed Jun 26 13:25:17 EDT 2013

Hello-newbie here.

I have a couple of questions. I plan on getting a MessagePad soon and
possibly an eMate, and I want to see about the syncing options.

1. With the MessagePad (I plan on getting an older model with the standard
Apple serial port for now), do I need to use the Keyspan adapter or will
any serial-to-usb adapter work?
2. With the eMate, is it possible to use the standard Mac serial port and
sync it through AppleTalk (I have an iBook clamshell with OS 9.2.1 that
still supports it) or can you only sync through the InterConnect port? Or
would it just be best to send the files from the eMate to the MessagePad
through IR and then pull them off the MessagePad? Seems like the
InterConnect cables are hard to find these days.

Thanks in advance!

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