[NTLK] Newton Syncing in 2013

Vladislav Korotnev vladkorotnev at gmail.com
Wed Jun 26 13:29:03 EDT 2013

You can sync the eMate using the old (round plug) serial port. It's not only appletalk, but also serial as on the older MP's.
 Any Serial-to-usb should work if it has a mac driver (I made one myself just for shits and giggles and still use it).
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On Jun 26, 2013, at 23:25 , Bradley Mattice <bradwart at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello-newbie here.
> I have a couple of questions. I plan on getting a MessagePad soon and
> possibly an eMate, and I want to see about the syncing options.
> 1. With the MessagePad (I plan on getting an older model with the standard
> Apple serial port for now), do I need to use the Keyspan adapter or will
> any serial-to-usb adapter work?
> 2. With the eMate, is it possible to use the standard Mac serial port and
> sync it through AppleTalk (I have an iBook clamshell with OS 9.2.1 that
> still supports it) or can you only sync through the InterConnect port? Or
> would it just be best to send the files from the eMate to the MessagePad
> through IR and then pull them off the MessagePad? Seems like the
> InterConnect cables are hard to find these days.
> Thanks in advance!
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