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> Christian & Andrei -
> Do you guys still shoot film? ;)
> There are people I know that don't use the book of face for political
> reasons.  There are others who are simply not on it.  Some people have a
> special account they use for friending people from work or Likes to enter
> contests and the like.  Another person has a second account for playing
> games so her friends don't get am-spayed with all of the excess postings
> generated from those.


My answer may sound a bit harsh and in your face(book).  It's not. It's just
how it is.  

1. Yes, as a matter of fact I do.  Oh yes, and I use a Newton.  Several in

2. I suppose my reasons also could be called pre-emptive.  I see it as a
place to deposit my information, photos, literary brain-spew, the list of my
friends and more, all in one easy location for hackers and data-harvesters.
Also as a side-issue, this is an easy way for me to give Facebook some
ill-defined and untested rights to claim the copyright of anything I put up
there.  Since I don't want to do that but I can't afford to fight them in
court I assume they'd win a copyright battle so I shouldn't bother.

3. Anything that can be hacked for the lulz or for commercial exploitation
can be hacked by hostile governments, and my tinfoil hat just won't protect
a Facebook account.  Call this my "proper" political objection.

4. I'm also "just not on it".  The choice isn't just between "don't put much
stuff on Facebook" or "get used to the idea that you've just moved into a
kind of electronic Big Brother House and you've given away your privacy".
There's a third choice:  don't use it at all.  That's mine.

5. It's an invitation to waste time.  Request to "friend" people I don't
really know just because they know someone who knows someone, conversations
I don't want to have with people who just want to collect people like
postage stamps, and WORST OF ALL the repeated changes in the privacy policy
and consequently in how settings have to be tweaked and re-tweaked -- it's a
minute here, 5 minutes there, a half hour someplace else, and before you
know, you've lost time that could've been used for something worthwhile.
I've watched this happen to family and friends and even been roped into
helping them set and reset and reset privacy settings.  I lay claim to the
tiny bit of wisdom that can learn from another's pains.

6. This last reason is just because I'm an awkward so-and-so.  Facebook was
founded by a guy who believes there's no such thing as privacy (although I
notice he also refuses to answer some questions about his own life).  I
consider that the opinion of someone who on all accounts I must not trust.
So I don't.  

As I said, I don't mean that to sound harsh. I'm an cranky, grumpy old man
and I see Facebook as an attempt to turn the world into the kind of place in
which I don't want to live. Viva la resistance!

Now excuse me, I need to get back to my dark room.  ;-)



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