[NTLK] [OT] New twist on Poutine (Archer version)

Andrei Chichak andrei at chichak.ca
Thu Mar 7 15:53:14 EST 2013

Oh, right, the reason I'm not on Facespace - when it all started, it was a place for the exclusive use of University types. I'm all for exclusivity and hegemony, but when it started to turn into the place to connect with people that you went to high school with - well - no, I've stayed in touch with my friends, the rest of them I never had any interest in anyway, why would that change with the introduction of a web page?

These are not free services, you give them your information and they sell it. Google is an advertising company. Facebook is an advertising company. Linkedin is an advertising company. Their product is your information. I don't want someone trying to sell me a piece of Justin Bieber just because I'm from Canada too (BTW, sorry world. Canada is so sorry for Justin and Celine.)

You can go to my web page (www.chichak.ca) and see the same crap as I would put on Facespace. It's a little harder to find since it isn't bundled on one URL, so you have to want to find me. It doesn't take friend requests, which is good because I like to drink beer with my friends. Just because I went to school with you doesn't make you a friend, really, not at all. If you fly kites, drive a Mini, or like Buckaroo Banzai…let's go for beer.


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