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> (Looks as if the sarcasm mark was removed from my e-mail)
No, nothing came through here.  Plain text here.

> I didn't mean to light a fire - I'm well-familiar with who's being sold
> when one uses a "free" service.  When using such things, I tend to pollute
> their database (think of it as giving wrong answers to the "Are you
> thinking of an animal?" game) about things I like and/or where I am.  One
> service thinks my GPS location is 1500 miles east of where I really am at
> this instant.
Ahhh, a man after my own heart.  You'll have to wait until I'm finished with
it of course....  I'm not fond of all the questions they ask and I'm
especially not fond of giving the right answers when I use web services.  I
give just the stuff that makes a difference; anything else is blank or
whatever pops into my head.

> Ah, back to FB - I'm on, and have the public account for work/junk and my
> controlled personal account, which is used for anything from co-ordinating
> local events to (gasp) keeping in touch with old friends.  It's become the
> default gathering place for a lot of folks - I suspect that if someone
> builds a competing service that is somehow more compelling, most everyone
> will migrate away.  Even on my real account, I'll put in bogus information,
> like being in far-away places, attending events I couldn't possibly attend,
> and add in silly "life events" such as "I sneezed".  Being there hooked me
> up with the local freethinkers because I saw a friend say that she was
> attending an event -- and being a part of that community means that it's
> easier to keep my sanity here in the bible belt.  Just like "not watching
> television" (my favorite hobby), it works for me.
I did consider running a deliberate "public account" and it could be fun,
but it's just too much work and time to be bothered.  And then there's all
the extra work every Groundhog Day.  That's why I have Punxsutawney Phil;
why have a groundhog and forecast?  But I applaud your stamina to do it.

I'd love to do spoof life events if I had Facebook but I'd be afraid one of
my friends would show up and say "No you didn't!  You were having dinner at
our house!  Don't you remember?"

> This is a great little community, even if we sometimes have our
> disagreements.  I'll drink a virtual beer with y'all after 5pm.
Mind if I stick to root beer?  :-P

> Andy, somewhere in Flyover Country



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