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~~~ On 2013/03/07 20:53, Andrei Chichak at andrei at chichak.ca wrote ~~~

> Oh, right, the reason I'm not on Facespace - when it all started, it was a
> place for the exclusive use of University types. I'm all for exclusivity and
> hegemony, but when it started to turn into the place to connect with people
> that you went to high school with - well - no, I've stayed in touch with my
> friends, the rest of them I never had any interest in anyway, why would that
> change with the introduction of a web page?
Funny you should say that.  I can think of very few people from high school
I really want to stay in touch with.  The ones I would, well, I probably
already am, and the rest can find me in RL.

> These are not free services, you give them your information and they sell it.
> Google is an advertising company. Facebook is an advertising company. Linkedin
> is an advertising company. Their product is your information. I don't want
> someone trying to sell me a piece of Justin Bieber just because I'm from
> Canada too (BTW, sorry world. Canada is so sorry for Justin and Celine.)
In regard to the myth of "free" services, a friend in OxMUG (the one who
first showed me the wonders of the Newton, incidentally) likes to quote a
saying, "If you're not the farmer, you're the pig".

Apology accepted Andrei; Canada gave the world Gordon Lightfoot, Joni
Mitchell and Neil Young, to name just 3.  That more than makes up for Justin
and Celine.  In fact I'm listening to Sunday Concert just now.  Next stop,
Joni Mitchell's Blue and Don Juan's Reckless Daughter.  :-)



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