[NTLK] First Newton, no Interconnect Adapter

Dana Gray dalexgray at mac.com
Thu Mar 21 14:11:33 EDT 2013

Dear NewtonTalk Users,
	I've ben playing around with my Newton 2000 and really like using it.  I went to connect it to my 20th Anniversary Mac and realized that the person who sold it to me didn't include an interconnect to serial adapter.  I hunted around on the Internet a bit, but it seems 16 year old adapters are not that easily come by.  I'm in a bit of a fix right now.
	My ultimate strategy for using the Newton is to connect to NCX running on my Mac Pro via ethernet.  I have a card, but without drivers installed on the Newton it's useless.
	I have some spare flash cards for the Newton.  If I send one to some kind soul, could he or she install the NIE, 3com driver, and needed NCX packages on it?  I could then transfer the packages to the internal store, right?  I'm in Davis, CA.
	Alternatively if someone has an interconnect adapter to spare, I'd be happy to pay.  I'm also looking for a stylus that'll fit in the stylus silo.  My Newton came with a little dinky stylus.
Sorry to ramble, thanks for reading,
Dana Alexander Gray
dalexgray at mac.com
+1 (530) 746-8467

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