[NTLK] First Newton, no Interconnect Adapter

arceeHS arceehs at gmail.com
Thu Mar 21 22:06:31 EDT 2013

Hi Dana

I have the hardware you are looking for:
1. The Interconnect adapter - $ 25.00
2. Either a bright orange plastic stylus - free (and it fits in the
hidey hole on the MP) - or a genuine OEM stylus for $ 12.00

"Shipping" any or all would be $ 2.00 to buy a drink after dealing with USPS.

Let me know, please.


On 3/21/13, Dana Gray <dalexgray at mac.com> wrote:
> Dear NewtonTalk Users,
> 	I've ben playing around with my Newton 2000 and really like using it.  I
> went to connect it to my 20th Anniversary Mac and realized that the person
> who sold it to me didn't include an interconnect to serial adapter.  I
> hunted around on the Internet a bit, but it seems 16 year old adapters are
> not that easily come by.  I'm in a bit of a fix right now.
> 	My ultimate strategy for using the Newton is to connect to NCX running on
> my Mac Pro via ethernet.  I have a card, but without drivers installed on
> the Newton it's useless.
> 	I have some spare flash cards for the Newton.  If I send one to some kind
> soul, could he or she install the NIE, 3com driver, and needed NCX packages
> on it?  I could then transfer the packages to the internal store, right?
> I'm in Davis, CA.
> 	Alternatively if someone has an interconnect adapter to spare, I'd be happy
> to pay.  I'm also looking for a stylus that'll fit in the stylus silo.  My
> Newton came with a little dinky stylus.
> Sorry to ramble, thanks for reading,
> Alex
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