[NTLK] I'v lost my soup index

Lord Groundhog lordgroundhog at gmail.com
Mon Sep 23 17:21:27 EDT 2013

I have a MP2000U, and NewtTest returns the information that the current OS
is ³2.1 (71J059)².  I¹ve been getting it ready for full time use but a
couple of things have come up.

First, when I put the datacard (hardly used and in very good condition) into
it I had set aside for it, I got an error message.  I took the error message
code to <http://tools.unna.org/errors/> and got:

Errorno: -48013
Description: Soup index does not exist
Category: Store and Soup Errors

When I put this card in other Newtons I get no code, just the vague warning
that ³Errors occurred opening packages...².

When I put other cards in this Newton they read, no problems.  So I conclude
that the problem is with the card.  But I don¹t have a lot of knowledge
about PCMCIA card technology, so I still don¹t know what¹s wrong with the
card.  How does a soup index just stop existing?

Second, I find that this Newton has no ³Freeze² command in Extras, as I find
on my other Newtons.  Where is it and what do I have to do to get that on
this one?  

Third, I¹m making this one a clone of a matching Newton already in service.
Last time I did this required a lot of tedious manual arranging of folders
and directories and settings.  Is there any way to automate the process?

Any help and advice would be appreciated.   TIA.



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