[NTLK] Subject: Re: Touchscreen problem on my MP2000

iSpinn ispinn at gmail.com
Wed Dec 24 13:41:02 EST 2014

There's an opaque, silicone insert under the 4-conductor cable, pretty
close to the two protruding pins in image 2LpEeX.jpg. I've found that over
time that insert gets compressed to the point where the contacts are no
longer made with enough compressive force between the flex cable and its
mating PCB. In my Newts, I've flipped it upside down, or added a shim of
folded paper to raise it up and force some additional compression.

It's impossible to say yet, but I doubt it's the board that's bad--it's
usually a simple problem, not a complex problem. I'm concerned about the
blue oxidation along the one trace in the length of the flex cable,
possibly indicating a weakened metal trace in the flex cable that may have
a hairline crack somewhere along its length.

Have you checked for continuity along all of the flex connector paths?

*Doug *

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