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Steven Frank stevenf at panic.com
Tue Jan 14 13:00:15 EST 2014

> And since I've now posted, I'm dying to know, how many of you active members are still using your Newtons?

I love a good "are you still using your Newton" thread!

My answer is also sadly no, not right now.  I am constantly having problems with desktop and iOS calendaring applications, especially when it comes to getting them in sync across my devices, as anyone who follows me on Twitter knows.  :)  Every time it happens, I think briefly to myself "why don't I just use my Newton as a silo for this", but these days carrying anything other than just my phone is a hard sell.  I even struggle with tablets/iPads for the same reason.

After my most recent round of terrible experiences with digital calendars, I did some analog experiments -- a planner called the Hobonichi Techo (google it) and the Bullet Journal system that I've previously mentioned on list in a plain notebook.  Overall, I think I prefer the less structured approach of the Bullet Journal.  And I love the tactility of both vs. digital calendaring, but again, it's another thing to carry around.  I find that even in my house, I need to make a note about something coming up and the planner is in another room.  The only thing I always, always, always have with me is my phone.

So, that leaves me at the moment keeping calendars and reminders on my phone only, giving up on syncing for now.


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