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On Tue, Jan 14, 2014 at 7:00 PM, Steven Frank <stevenf at panic.com> wrote:

> After my most recent round of terrible experiences with digital calendars,
> I did some analog experiments -- a planner called the Hobonichi Techo
> (google it) and the Bullet Journal system that I've previously mentioned on
> list in a plain notebook.  Overall, I think I prefer the less structured
> approach of the Bullet Journal.  And I love the tactility of both vs.
> digital calendaring, but again, it's another thing to carry around.  I find
> that even in my house, I need to make a note about something coming up and
> the planner is in another room.  The only thing I always, always, always
> have with me is my phone.

The most success I've ever had with paper planners was the junior pocket
sized Daytimer® 2-page-per-day original planner. It was always in my hip
pocket, and always available (I also used it in nice, leather wallets with
pen loops and with a Cross pen--the only kind that can survive in a hip
pocket). I sometimes miss that, but my life now is much simpler (I started
with it as a sophomore in college, and the first semester I used it, my
grade average went up). Right now, my iPhone's Calendar, Reminders and
Notes are enough for me. Since I only use it with one Mac, I seldom have
had problems, especially with the new iOS 7 and iCloud.

But other than my DayTimer, my Newton was my next-best--or maybe my best. I
tended to treat it like a paper journal, but since I couldn't carry it in
my back pocket, it wasn't quite as convenient as paper, but I forced myself
to almost always carry it, and was able for about a decade to always put
things first into my Newton--usually into the Notes, and then wherever it
was necessary. But the Notes in the Newton was the best thing. I could whip
out quick notations or reminders, or checklists/shopping lists, or a quick
outline of ideas or lectures/sermons, or whatever. Sheesh, I have even been
known to whip it out while driving down the road and take notes. ;-) (voice
notes were useful when they came out) I've found nothing like that anywhere

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