[NTLK] La Poutine, Edmonton

Andrei Chichak newton at chichak.ca
Wed Jan 15 23:29:05 EST 2014

A hole in the wall poutinery in the University/Garneau district of Edmonton, in the same strip as the Garneau theatre. Or, you may remember Pharo's Pizza, the perennial off-campus pizza joint, now reverted back to it's pervious purpose as a coffee shop (Transcend Coffee *****), also in the same block.

Anyway, tonight La Poutine seems to be run by a couple of ladies of generation "why?" all dressed in black. Music was Quebecois french language  folk with, surprisingly, enough bass, though the staff were listening to commercial girl rock in the kitchen.

I had the "Wurst" poutine on the menu, a traditional poutine (fries, gravy, and curds) with the addition of slices of smoked sausage.  The fries were a bit flaccid, gravy needed a bit more body, but the cheese curds were correct. Yes, squeaky cheese.

The boy had the "Canadian", a traditional poutine with bacon bits. Real bacon goodness, not favoured Post Grape Nuts.

Other variations include the vegetarian and vegan options, though I know of vegans who would never consider this vegan since it is prepared in the same place as meat (she also doesn't eat garlic, difficult girl). On the other end of the spectrum would be the meatlover with beef, pork, and unidentified sausage, mmmm.

Prices are pretty high, $8.50 for a regular (enough), or $10.99 for a large (enough for two).  $6.19/$8.99 for a traditional or vegan traditional.

Better than Wendy's, proper squeaky cheese, at twice the price.  I'd give it a pass unless you happen to be in the area and NEED a poutine fix.

Andrei in the Great White North where we had 120Km/hr (75MPH) winds today. Watchout Texas, here it comes again…

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