[NTLK] NSM - a NewtonScript virtual machine

Matej Horvat matej.horvat at guest.arnes.si
Wed Jan 29 11:00:38 EST 2014

On Wed, 29 Jan 2014 01:58:04 +0100, Matthias Melcher <mm at matthiasm.com>  
> Where are you planning to go?

Everywhere. :)

I would like to turn it into a library so it can be called by or linked  
with other applications, as well as add a way to call native code stored  
in packages from NewtonScript. Some ideas on how it could be used:

- To provide scripting in a video game.
- To provide extension functionality in an application.
- To generate dynamic Web pages.
- To execute desktop command line or GUI applications, as NewtonScript is  
a very productive and portable language.
- To natively execute Newton OS applications. (We can dream...)

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