[NTLK] Bullet Journal-like setup for 2100

Mr Jonathan Dueck jonathandueck at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 9 15:04:12 EDT 2014

Dear all,

Newtontalk does a better job of archiving posts than does my WordPress site, so I thought I'd write with a brief description of my Bullet Journal-like setup on my Newton 2100. For more on Bullet Journal, see this Newtontalk post:

I decided I'd try to implement this system on a Newton. It's basically a daily checklist that contains tasks, events, and notes, and an index with other checklists for tasks (or ideas or events) that you'd like to group together. It's a pretty no-nonsense paper system, but in involves recopying notes from page to page frequently. Hence, Newton!

The basic setup:- A checklist in "unfiled" contains day's tasks and notes (add new notes or tasks to it)
- I use proPoint (from Landware) to add text snippets (which I'm using like a "tag") denoting notes (#NOTE) or weekly goals (@WEEKLY)--as distinct from tasks, which get no additional tag
- I use RollOver (find it on UNNA) to "Roll Over" the checklist to a new day--it hives off the not-yet-done tasks to a new note with a new date. I take the old note and file it in a folder called "Archives."
- If I want to track groups of checklists or notes, I put them in a folder called "Lists and Notes." I sometimes work directly from those lists, and when one is done, I put it in "Archives."
- events and dated tasks live on my phone (in my case, a Blackberry Z10), since they're then autosynced with my desktop and (for events) shared with other people who need to see my schedule

The additions: 

- As an academic, my workflow centers on writing. So I've also got an Alphasmart Dana (sort of eMate-like form factor PalmOS device, more or less a word processor), and it exchanges data with my keyboardless Newton via irObEx. (You can accomplish this with the 40hz.org tools for calendar and name data out of the box, and you can also use the Notes field in either a calendar event or name card to send plaintext memos from the Newton to a PalmOS device.)
- I backup straight to a card.
- I've got a Surface Pro, and I've installed NCU on it (as per this: http://myapplenewton.blogspot.com/2012/06/serial-connection-on-windows-7.html). Sync doesn't work, nor does package installing (I use Xport and Unix-NPI/win32 for that)--it might with Slowdown, but I haven't messed with that--but typing from desktop to Newt does.

The tweaks I'd like to make:
- I'd love to run LookOut and sync dates / dated to-dos between the Newt and Outlook. I tried installing LookOut as per the above NCU installation idea--install it to XP (in a virtual machine) and just copy the install folder over. But it complains that it's missing FoxPro libraries... If anyone else has LookOut working on Windows 8--and wow, if you do!--I'd love to hear about it!

Hope someone finds this useful/fun, and happy to hear any feedback on or ideas about it!


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