[NTLK] Apple Enterprise dev account

Matthias Melcher mm at matthiasm.com
Thu Jun 12 02:18:21 EDT 2014

I did try to put it in the Apple store, but it got rejected for many reasons, most of which still apply.

- emulators were not acceptable
- loading unapproved code is not acceptable (ROM)
- apps that resemble an Apple product are not acceptable (that is one issue we can never change obviously)
- apps that duplicate iOS functionality are not accepted either (calendar, notepad, address managment)

I am pretty sure that we could get closer to a release in the AppStore, but we probably can not go all the way without an army of attorneys. Unless someone has a great connection to one of the leading people at Apple, we at e SOL.

I did consider pushing this into the media, but since emulators are generally a legal gray area, it may do more harm than good to Einstein...


On 11. Juni 2014 23:58:57 MESZ, Jim Geldermann <jim_geldermann at dev-corp.com> wrote:
>Why don't you put it in the store for a buck or 2.  You'll be surprised
>how many downloads you'll get.
>On Jun 11, 2014, at 4:41 PM, newtontalk-request at newtontalk.net wrote:
>>>> Hi, my developer account expires next month, and i was pricing out
>the options and for $299 i can get a enterprise account instead of the
>$99 i currently have. What is the point of it? As you know i put out
>ios versions of Einstein using my beta test licenses, but i ran out of
>them and had to stop. If i can get a enterprise account i would be able
>to give Einstein to as many people as want without going through the
>app store. Would anyone be willing to chip in to get the enterprise
>upgrade? I would just need the $200 difference.
>>>> What do you think?
>>>> Marisa
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