[NTLK] Unable to use Einstein/Einstein questions

Aron Hsiao aron at aa-hsiao.net
Sat Jun 21 02:51:53 EDT 2014

Hi all,

I'm back to Newton again after being generally frustrated with the apps 
available for iOS and Android.

Because I have to concede that using an actual Newton 2100 is a dead end 
(though I now have three of them here, two in pristine shape), I'm 
trying to get Einstein up and running.

I've done the ROM dump. So far, so good.

But now—I can't get Einstein to boot it up under Mac OS X. I sit on a 
"Booting" message for 30 seconds or so, then get a little display full 
of garbage (the Newton-shaped window shows me a lot of colored dots).

Reading through TFM, I find that it calls for the original Apple ROM.

I'm dumping from Newtons that have the 2010 patch installed. Is this the 

a) I hate to roll back the patch on working Newton hardware just to get 
an Einstein boot going, and
b) Does this mean that Einstein doesn't support current dates? (i.e. no 
2010 fix?)

I've looked through everything that I can find about Einstein and can't 
seem to see an answer to this question. If there's no 2010 fix, that 
would seem to limit the practical usefulness of Einstein. But if it 
ought to work with current ROMs (I dumped 711000) then has anyone seen 
the symptoms I'm describing?



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