[NTLK] Screen protectors? Other questions

Aron Hsiao leapdragon at gmail.com
Thu Jun 26 02:22:07 EDT 2014

Hi again all,

After trying Einstein and pulling my old 2100U out of storage, I have 
acquired two more 2100U units—one from eBay as a 2000 (fabulous 
deal—pristine and with every conceivable original accessory for peanuts) 
that I've just upgraded to a 2100 by hand (can still solder, as it turns 
out) and another used 2100U that's on the way.

It would appear that I'm returning to Newtonland after a fifteen year 

This leaves me with a few questions:

1) What's everyone using for screen protectors these days? Tried any of 
the trim-to-fits? How well do they work w/pen?
2) What's the current state of the art in connecting Newton data 
(calendaring and contacts in particular) with other applications in 
computingland? Does this even happen? (It's not a dealbreaker for me—I'm 
mostly in it for notes and on-the-go writing using the keyboard).

At least at first, I'm synchronizing with Basilisk II over Ethertalk, 
just for backing up and doing CSV exports of text. But it would be cool 
if there were other nice Newton tricks that had emerged since the old 
days to help the 2100 join the modern world.

In case it matters, I've dug out the old Lucent WaveLAN card, and the 
old PCMCIA-to-CF adapter so I'll have WiFi and ample storage. But I 
honestly don't know what Newton is capable of these days in terms of 
integrating with the rest of reality—it's been a long time!



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