[NTLK] Screen protectors? Other questions

Jonathan Dueck jonathan.dueck at gmail.com
Thu Jun 26 23:27:34 EDT 2014

Hi, Aron,
Apologies for top posting--much easier to‎ do it this way on my phone.
But in any case, I'm using a Zagg InvisibleShield screen protector. It
is specifically made for the 2100 and is still available, cheaply too.
Alas, it's a "sticky" writing surface--the NuShield is much better for
writing on and is also still available.

On data exchange, a few years ago I used a combination of LookOut and
(Landware) X-Port. I back up straight to the card using SBM Utilities.
If you have a Windows box and a serial connection, these are still
pretty good. Alternately, you can install IC/VC and a Bluetooth card
and exchange VCAL, VCF, and text/opml files with your PC desktop or
phone (should work with Android). If you have a Mac, my experience has
been that NCX is tops.

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Subject: [NTLK] Screen protectors? Other questions
1) What's everyone using for screen protectors these days? Tried any of
the trim-to-fits? How well do they work w/pen?
2) What's the current state of the art in connecting Newton data
(calendaring and contacts in particular) with other applications in
computingland? Does this even happen? (It's not a dealbreaker for me—I'm
mostly in it for notes and on-the-go writing using the keyboard).

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