[NTLK] Screen protectors? Other questions

Aron Hsiao leapdragon at gmail.com
Fri Jun 27 02:24:01 EDT 2014

Hi Jon,

My apologies for top posting as well... Funny, but I think in other circles that I run in, it's bottom replying that's considered uncouth, so all of my applications are configured for top. :-)

Your post is an amazing wealth of information--thank you! The last time I was using a Newton seriously, I actually had an LC475 that I kept on my desk specifically for the purpose of using NCU over serial, then backing it up via Netatalk to my Linux box. Times have clearly changed, not least because I no longer use Netatalk OR Linux, but also because many of the things that you mention didn't exist then.

I'm going to be following up with all of them. Thanks!



Hi, Aron,
Apologies for top posting--much easier to? do it this way on my phone.
But in any case, I'm using a Zagg InvisibleShield screen protector. It
is specifically made for the 2100 and is still available, cheaply too.
Alas, it's a "sticky" writing surface--the NuShield is much better for
writing on and is also still available.

On data exchange, a few years ago I used a combination of LookOut and
(Landware) X-Port. I back up straight to the card using SBM Utilities.
If you have a Windows box and a serial connection, these are still
pretty good. Alternately, you can install IC/VC and a Bluetooth card
and exchange VCAL, VCF, and text/opml files with your PC desktop or
phone (should work with Android). If you have a Mac, my experience has
been that NCX is tops.


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