[NTLK] iOSEinstein update

Stephen Hankins ghankins at mac.com
Sat Nov 1 11:27:36 EDT 2014

Hi Marisa (and all),

I updated my iPad mini to iOS 8.1 yesterday, installed the Einstein update this morning, added the ROM in iTunes, synced, and I am up and running.

It is a trip to see the Newton OS running on the Mini. 

Speed is not great, but I didn't expect it would be. Actually, the greatest delaying factor seems to be the processing of sounds. I turned off some alert sounds to see if that helps.

I use a flexible-tip Point•Mobl stylus for long-hand note-taking on my iPad, and handwriting recognition in the Einstein app is quite good. (I use manuscript rather than cursive).

I'll try installing a variety of apps to see what works.

If testing anything in particular is important in the development of Einstein, Matthais will let us know. I'd ne happy to give it a shot.


Greg Hankins
Happy Hank's Honey House
Mt. Gilead, NC
ghankins at mac.com

On Nov 1, 2014, at 12:55 AM, Marisa Giancarla <fstltna at me.com> wrote:

> For those of you who were having trouble with iOSEinstein on your pre-8.x devices i seem to have gotten it working again on 8.1. Could you try upgrading to the version you should have received yesterday? If you have not purchased a copy you can go here to buy one for $5: http://bit.ly/1r53SjF
> Thanks for your support!
> Marisa
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