[NTLK] SMTP MailV Woes

Forrest newtonphoenix at mindspring.com
Sun Nov 2 03:27:47 EST 2014

On my Newton (using EarthLink), I use Port 587 for SMTP.

Not sure if it's the same for all ISPs, but it couldn't hurt to try.


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Stephen Hankins <ghankins at mac.com> wrote:

>Hi All!
>I have MailV set up to receive IMAP mail over wifi and all is working great. 
>However, I can't seem to get outgoing SMTP mail to work. My best result have been using Port 25, which is non-SSL at my provider. I installed the debug version of MailV and produced the log file below. I'd be grateful for any interpretation that might point out the source of my problem.
>It appears to me that MailV is talking to the SMTP server, there's an ongoing negotiation, and then something untoward happens which results in a disconnect.
>Any thoughts or analysis welcome.
>MailV log file -SMTP Send
>:SendRequest{<1> cause: 'user, cursor: {<2> _parent: @2023, things: [<3> {<4> +205689037}], index: 0, validTest: nil}}LoginToHost
>remoteAddr = smtp.secureserver.net:25
>{<1> mailTextEncoding: 'windows-1252, outboxLogging: 'save, mailCard: true, mailFiltersEnabled: true, mailDebugLogIO: true, mailautodisconnect: true, mailSign: true, mailDebugToNotes: true, dontAutoPutAway: 'never, autoStatus: true, mailDebugLogStd: true, mailCc: nil, mailTextOnly: true, mailFilters: [<2> ], mailSound: 'whackyBeep, outboxFiling: 'vMail sent, mailDebugToVF: nil, inboxFiling: 'same, mailPutAwayApp: 'paperroll, mailMode: 'batch, mailDebugLogAc: true}
>SMTP: 220 p3plibsmtp01-05.prod.phx3.secureserver.net bizsmtp ESMTP server ready
>EHLO []
>SMTP: 250-p3plibsmtp01-05.prod.phx3.secureserver.net hello [], pleased to meet you
>SMTP: 250-SIZE 104857600
>SMTP: 250 OK
>ExceptionHandler{<1> name: 'evt.ex.fr.type;type.ref.frame, data: +205823724, debug: 'InputScript}HandleError 205823724QUIT
>SMTP: 221 2.0.0 p3plibsmtp01-05.prod.phx3.secureserver.net bizsmtp closing connection
>smtpInputSpec completionScript: -36003HandleError -36003nil
>All done - releasing inet link.
>Greg Hankins
>Happy Hank's Honey House
>Mt. Gilead, NC
>ghankins at mac.com
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