[NTLK] Wireless or Ethernet Networking

Greg Friesz gfriesz at mac.com
Mon Sep 29 13:13:58 EDT 2014

Hi everyone! After a few years of them sitting on a shelf, I'm just getting back into tinkering with my three Newtons (110, 130, and I finally have a working 2100 - thanks to Daniel for helping me procure an Interconnect dongle for it).  

Can anyone point me to a good primer on setting up networking, preferably wireless, but ethernet as well?  I realize this is a pretty basic question, but I have no idea where my thumb drive with all of my old Newton docs is.   

Also, what e-mail client do you guys recommend, and are there any issues with current protocols?

Thanks again for any help - really glad to have found this mail group.


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