[NTLK] Oops! Yes, that was me.

Forrest newtonphoenix at mindspring.com
Tue Sep 30 03:16:21 EDT 2014

Greg (again):

Sorry for the anonymous email that just showed up. I was tinkering with my Newton's mail signature and must have deleted my name from it by accident.

Also, I was able to find at least some (more) documentation on R A Parker's Mail V setup. You can learn a bit more here:

No doubt there's even more if you want to sift through the Archives. I'm not sure if Ron is still part of the List...oftentimes folks get really quiet, but are still listening. I do know on several occasions he's provided great insight on Mail V's workings, as has its creator, Simon Bell.

Honestly, you won't find a better email solution for the Newton. IMHO, it rivals other platform's much more complicated apps. 


"The idea that Bill Gates has appeared like a knight in shining armour to lead all customers out of a mire of technological chaos neatly ignores the fact that it was he who, by peddling second-rate technology, led them into it in the first place."
--Douglas Adams

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