[NTLK] Wireless or Ethernet Networking

Forrest Buffenmyer newtonphoenix at mindspring.com
Tue Sep 30 02:16:00 EDT 2014

Greg--Here's some additional tips:
1) Earthlink is one such email provider than does not require an SSL encrypted connection. In fact, I am usjng it to send this email from my MessagePad 2100.
2) Copy and paste the Padilla link into your browserWITHOUT TGE LEADING "padilla". If you Just click on it nothing will happen. Not sure if this is obvious or not.
3) R A Parker (I believe) has shared with the NewtonTalk Network his better way to configure Mail V to receive email. I searched past messages for that message, but had no luck. Basically, using the Mail V Prefs drop-down choice from the Info (i) icon, from there you tap More, then Rules. Under "If an item's...", choose Size, then  > (greater than) 30K--tap Add, it should appear in the box. Next, choose > 3 days, and tap Add again.
This way, messages too big or too old don.t download.

Good luck!

(Sent wirelessly using Mail V from my MP2100)

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