[NTLK] OT: iPhone Battery connection

Berthe Marie Willumsen bmw at bio.ku.dk
Sun Dec 13 11:07:02 EST 2015

Update for the record: I came across a setup where they exchange batteries in 20 min, and had that done. No problems since then.
So independent of the background of the problem - battery itself, connection to it, or something else - exchanging the battery fixed it.


Sorry, forgot to tell: I did that, it does not qualify for battery exchange.

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> OK, I?ll bite on an OT:
> My 5s iPhone exhibits weird and unpleasant behavior and I ask for advice:
> It suddenly dies - black screen.
> If I try to wake it very soon after, by pressing home screen, I may get a pic of a battery drawing with a tiny red stripe at its bottom.Or not.
> But the iPhone at the time of ?death? may have told me anything from battery levels in the 70?ies to levels in the 20?ies.
> Only charging will revive it, and always, it reacts the same way:
> It sometimes briefly shows the empty battery (red stripe)
> The apple logo lights up
> the vibration sound comes on after - is it 7 sec?
> the lock screen comes on - another 7 sec? Maybe the absolute timings are different from what I state here, but always the same.
> I can then log in, activate sim - and the battery level shows what it did before it died - 70?ies or 20?ies or whatever.
> If I unplug it soon after revival it tends to die again soon, with the same rigmarole.
> So far, it always revives when plugged in. Been going on for about a month or more, because I?m chicken to give it to some shop to fix.
> It may tend to die when I ask it to do ?heavy?? things: update apps as I look for travel assistance or search - don?t know?.
> Anyway, knowledgeable and always on and thinking techs:
> Is the battery dying?
> Is the connection to the battery dying?
> Is something else going on?
> What should I get fixed at the shop (provided I find one I trust)?
> Berthe
> MP2100, still alive, but sleeping pt?..
Have you checked with Apple, I know they had a recall for certain iPhone 5 models due to battery and power button problems, if your phone is covered then they will repair it for free.



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