[NTLK] Development Environment on OSX

Elias Basse kd5jfe at gmail.com
Fri Dec 25 22:30:23 EST 2015

Hello all,

I hope the holidays have been good to you all so far.

I am looking to start development of software for the MP2100.  Can anyone direct me to a good resource for a development library/environment that will work under os x (or 9) that can be used to build software for the MP2100?

I have a few projects that I am investigating how feasible software would be for them to run on the newton platform:

* Amateur Radio Control via Serial from a Newton 2100 (Similar to Pocket TX/RX on android platform).
* Amateur Radio Logbook program
* Voice over IP/SIP client?  (This is way out in left field but would be cool)
* Software to control a serial GPRS Cellular Modem (Sparkfun Module from an arduino kit that I have laying around).

Any help would be appreciated for direction to the dev software/libraries.

Many Many Thanks!

Elias Basse

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