[NTLK] The Oasis-NDPS Server July 14, 2015

Tony Kan tonykan at xtra.co.nz
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Here's an English article on the same subject:



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Hi Greg,

NewtonOS itself manages the memory, should preferably (NDPS on a server) not
too active applications. How applications are active on NewtonOS? Simply by
being installed! To resolve this issue, use the option to freeze an
application. How to do this? Natively this option is not available in
NewtonOS (although it is integrated into the system). This option is
achieved with some utilities packages Newton.
Such as the SAI's FREEZUtil package of Standalone company. This package adds
an option in the System Setup module. Then once installed, you must go to
EXTRAS icon (the application that lists all installed packages). In EXTRAS
view the packages as a list (and not of icons) because it is easier to
select a package in list mode by checking the small box before the name of
the package. Then you must click on the icon ENVELOPE EXTRAS (bottom right)
and select Freeze which now appears in the menu. This freezes the package in
question. The package does not remove the Newton, but the system releases
all resources for this package. To thaw, simply click on the application in
question (which is represented by a snowflake icon when it is frozen) and
thawed it will automatically (depending on the options you select in SETUP).

Below are links to download the Standalone Package FREEZUtil
Mirror on Message-Pad.net

I had written an article on
<http://message-pad.net/files/FreezUtil_Newton.html> explains this in more
detail, but this article is in French, but you can look at the screenshots
that explain the procedure.

See you soon,

Sylvain Pilet

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