[NTLK] Re-celling G3-era laptop batteries -- DON'T THROW OUT THE OLD BATTERIES!

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I have a PDQ G3 and it seems it will be getting a new battery eh :)


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>>> Is there anywhere reliable I can get G3-era Mac laptop
>>> batteries professionally re-celled?  (Pismo / Lombard /
>>> Wallstreet / clamshell iBook)
>> Seems they are still available the standard way:
>> <http://preview.tinyurl.com/pjy4dob>
>> <http://preview.tinyurl.com/oeu8hem>
>> Cheers
>> Frank
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> Back in the day, when my Pismos were the only game in town for me, I came
> across a company who would do rebuilds with Li-Ion cells if you sent the old
> battery.  Unfortunately, I lost a load of bookmarks including that company.
> They still may be out there but it may take some searching.  I no longer
> remember anything useful about them.
> That service I never used because I was in a hurry and found a great source
> of new batteries from a company called Powerbook Medic <powerbookmedic.com>.
> At the time they were selling new batteries of higher specs (7800 mah);
> AFAIK they now only provide used batteries but you'd have to check to see if
> they still can provide new ones.  (FYI, they also sell the PRAM batteries
> and other useful items for older computers in case you need such.)
> Using 2 Powerbook Medic batteries (for those who don't know, a Pismo will
> carry 2 batteries at once by swapping out the CD/DVD player) I was recording
> up to 13 hours of uninterrupted work time.  That's more than enough to fly
> between the UK and the US, for example, and work the whole time except
> take-off and landing, and still have enough work time left over if I needed
> it.  
> I just did a quick search for "recell pismo battery M7318" and found this:
> http://www.batteryrefill.com/laptops/apple/PowerBook_G3_Lombard.phtml
> (Note:  this battery also fits the Pismo.)  It's not the same company but it
> seems to offer the same service:  you end up with new cells that will yield
> higher capacity.   
> You can do a similar search to find such sites in your own geographical
> area.  There seem to be more of them than I expected.
> One more thing.  Back then, I also found instructions somewhere explaining
> how to recell a Pismo battery pack yourself.  I don't know who that was
> either -- another lost bookmark.
> So, doing another search, I came to this:
> http://people.wallawalla.edu/~Rob.Frohne/Powerbook/Pismo/Battery/
> Plainly, he demonstrates the useful basic steps, but he also reports
> shortcomings with his method.  Perhaps someone here with more understanding
> of such things will see how to do better?
> There's also this: 
> http://lowendmac.com/ed/hatchett/08jh/inside-powerbook-battery.html
> There seem to be some others as well, but I can't evaluate the instructions.
> I suspect that the instructions I've linked, if combined with sufficient
> electrical knowledge and a reasonable bit of practical skill, could be
> sufficient to carry out this operation successfully.
> Incidentally, this is a good general site for all things Pismo (and all
> things older-Mac): 
> http://lowendmac.com/2000/pismo-powerbook-2000-firewire/
> So yes, don't be too hasty getting rid of old batteries.  The shells can be
> re-celled, if not by you, at least by someone else.
> PS -- there was also a G4 upgrade (and it's still available, I think) but I
> only put that on one Pismo.  In the end I decided it reduced the battery
> life by more than the speed boost was worth to me.
> Shalom. 
> Christian 
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