Dan dan at dbdigitalweb.com
Thu Jul 16 17:14:45 EDT 2015

I had thought about getting one of those, but never did due to it
looking so flimsy.  But I did figure it would work better.

I did read that a lot of people scratched their screens with it.
Similar to the old problem with the Newton stylus getting a little bit
of grit in it and you scratching away.  The best stylus I ever used for
my newton is the Pda Panache.

If one uses a stylus on a device with a
capacitive touch screen, then I suggest getting a screen protector on it
post haste.  Otherwise it is only a matter of time before it scratches.


On 7/16/2015 2:20 PM, Steven Frank wrote:
> Just wanted to add that, even though I'm not a fan of iPad styluses, the one I liked most was the Adonit Jot Pro which has the same plastic disc on the end as the one Greg describes.
> It looks weird and fragile, but works much better because you can see through the transparent disc to your work underneath.  You can't do that with one of those chunky fat crayon/marker style stylus tips.  As with any iPad stylus though, you have to hover you hand up off the device because any skin contact will destroy your stroke.  A lot of apps and high-end styluses promise palm/wrist rejection -- don't believe the hype.  It generally works poorly if at all.
> A downside to the Jot Pro (and most styluses) is that it is perfectly cylindrical and unweighted, so it will just roll right off an uneven desk onto the floor where the removable tip may pop off and get lost in your carpet forever.  Not that that actually happened to me or anything...
> Steven

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