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I know the Powerbook 3400 and the Kanga had cardbus issues because the
cardbus standard wasn't finalized yet. There is a fix but the company that
offered it stopped in the 1990s. I remember the G3 and G4 upgrade cards
were all being released around that time. The Newton is an odd duck because
of the different chipsets and controllers.

I have been looking at the source code for Hiroshi's wifi driver. I assumed
it was newtonscript with C++ but it looks like a UNIX C project (the
makefile really gives it away). I've never seen this approach to Newton
programming before but it really simplifies any future developments. I
would guess that the LPR program and the MoreWifi cards package from
Kallisys were also done this way. The only thing that looks strange to me
is the Newtonscript install and remove script.

Getting a 802.11g driver for Newton would be a big help. There isn't even a
802.11g driver for Mac OS 9. Apple just threw all their old technologies
away and became the world's largest UNIX vendor (incredibly smart thing to
do as it turned out).

On this subject, has anyone tried to develop a custom wifi or cellular PCB
to go into the Newton's modem expansion slot?
All that I have seen are the SER-001 and USB boards.

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> That's very interesting.  I know nothing about using Cardbus in Newton but
> I will caveat that I just a few days ago tried to use a PCMCIA > SD adapter
> in my Powerbook 5300c.  The adapter, it turns out, while PCMCIA, is not
> fully PCMCIA compliant and is also [in fine print] apparently Cardbus
> compliant.  I think it screwed up either the power board or something with
> regard to the PB's power management.  Luckily now instead of going directly
> to the Sad Mac/Chimes of Death it usually just freezes.  In any event, just
> a caveat.
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