[NTLK] Arabic Recognition/Script

Michael Sheflin sheflinm at gmail.com
Sat Mar 21 12:35:05 EDT 2015

It was suggested I contact some specific people - and I have done that yet
- but I see no harm bringing it up here too:

I've been thinking, for many years, about trying to build an Arabic script
and handwriting recognition add-on, specifically for my 2100 - so 2.0.  I
did research years ago and looked some of it up again recently.  Apple's
tutorial on building fonts is gone.  Fuser and Fissioner are hard to find -
or at least one of them is, I forget which.

But if I recall properly the one real problem would be that there's only
left-to-right recognition.  There is a Chinese add-on and a Japanese
add-on.  I've never tested them because I can't write in any of the scripts
involved, but my understanding is that they did add-on recognition - but
that's it's left-to-right.

Does anyone have any thoughts or know anything about this?

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