[NTLK] Searching for NewtPaint and x-port by Landware

Dan dan at dbdigitalweb.com
Wed May 20 13:22:05 EDT 2015

Last I knew you had to contact Landware directly for NewtPaint.  As for
X-port that you need to contact Dan Rowley, the author/programmer.  He
use to be on this list but hasn't been active for a while.  I may still
have a good email address for him but I am not sure.  X-port is
certainly one piece of software I couldn't do without and was one of the
first packages I purchased.

It is odd that Landware is not responding to your messages, in the past
they were always very quick with responses.  I know people were still
able to buy the products in 2011 or so.

Ohhh I found X-port on Kagi

Btw Newtcase I also ues all the time and recommend it.  It makes it easy
to freeze large numbres of packages easily which you can then save to do
later automatically when you need.  Among other nice features and
packages.  Soup Kitchen is the best soup editor I have used. Sleepaid is
also wonderful.  The NewtCase backdrop is great for a 120 and low heap.
 I haven't found a backdrop that uses less, yet has great functionality.
 The v3 has 2.0 packages included.  Also none of this software is
"locked" to your newton, so if you need to change hardware it is as easy
as doing a restore or reinstall from the original packages.

Tony posted about Landware items

In short go here http://www.landware.com/support/index.html fill out the
form and say what you want and how to pay the 9.95 per item.  Other
products landware has:
    Merlin: a spell checker
    Wordsleuth: a thesaurus
    Writestuff: a Works enhancement package
    ProcalcEx: a scientific and financial calculator
    Photoshow: an image viewer
    Lunar Lander: a game

Merlin, word sleuth, and writestuff are WONDERFUL if you do any writing
on your Newt.  And well worth the price.  Bought them years ago and
never regretted it.  You add those 3 to a emate or 2x00 with a keyboard
and it is about the best portable writing machine you can get.  Sure you
can use a laptop, but a laptop won't give you days of runtime.  Or even
longer with a battery booster pack.  Or in the case of a 2x00 just walk
into a store and get a pack of 4AA batteries for another few days of
runtime.  That is something today's technology just can't match.

Photoshow I also have but never used that much.  It is great for what it
does, if you want to carry photos on your Newt.  I just didn't.  Lunar
Lander is a fun little classic game.  And well done, but if you don't
play games on your newt, I wouldn't bother.  I don't regret purchasing
mine though.  It is handy to pull out when I have a few minutes,
although I usually end up playing solitaire or such.


On 5/20/2015 3:05 AM, samana76 at libero.it wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I am a long time Newton user and have been on and off the newtontalk mailing list for years. I recently got back into using my Newton 2100 and find it's size, weight and the texture of the screen wonderful to sketch on. I have demoed NewtPaint, which is a simple and simply wonderful sketching program for the Newt. However my demo has expired and I have made numerous attempts to get in touch with the developer, Landware, to purchase a copy of both this software as well as X-port (for both Mac and Windows as well as the Newton package), to no avail. I am receiving no response. Can anyone help me understand how to go about receiving a working copy with no expiration date of this software? I will gladly purchase the software if I know how.
> Searching all over the net for a solution I stumbled across a discussion about NewtPaint on Google Groups that dates back to July of 1999. Here is the link: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!msg/comp.sys.newton.misc/UjRG7B6LW94/VOHDAoJLUH0J
> A user in this group, Lilian, wrote about having a beta copy of NewtPaint 2 which had greyscale support as opposed to only black and white, which is what is available on NewtPaint version 1. I wrote to her but have yet to receive a reply. Would anyone here have a copy of this beta software? It would be a dream to sketch with using the full potential of the 2100.
> I am about to start a storyboarding project and was looking forward to doing the preliminary sketches on my trusty Newton while on the go. I look forward to whatever help this kind community can extend me.
> Thank you all in advance for your help.
> Kind regards,Igor Bertolucci
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