[NTLK] Searching for NewtPaint and x-port by Landware

Tony Kan tonykan at xtra.co.nz
Thu May 21 03:14:20 EDT 2015

This is the last word I had on the subject:


Tony Kan
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Hello everyone,
I am a long time Newton user and have been on and off the newtontalk mailing
list for years. I recently got back into using my Newton 2100 and find it's
size, weight and the texture of the screen wonderful to sketch on. I have
demoed NewtPaint, which is a simple and simply wonderful sketching program
for the Newt. However my demo has expired and I have made numerous attempts
to get in touch with the developer, Landware, to purchase a copy of both
this software as well as X-port (for both Mac and Windows as well as the
Newton package), to no avail. I am receiving no response. Can anyone help me
understand how to go about receiving a working copy with no expiration date
of this software? I will gladly purchase the software if I know how.
Searching all over the net for a solution I stumbled across a discussion
about NewtPaint on Google Groups that dates back to July of 1999. Here is
the link:
A user in this group, Lilian, wrote about having a beta copy of NewtPaint 2
which had greyscale support as opposed to only black and white, which is
what is available on NewtPaint version 1. I wrote to her but have yet to
receive a reply. Would anyone here have a copy of this beta software? It
would be a dream to sketch with using the full potential of the 2100.
I am about to start a storyboarding project and was looking forward to doing
the preliminary sketches on my trusty Newton while on the go. I look forward
to whatever help this kind community can extend me.
Thank you all in advance for your help.
Kind regards,Igor Bertolucci



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