[NTLK] OT - Off topic: Off-Topic posts

Frank Gruendel newtontalk at pda-soft.de
Mon Nov 23 17:30:15 EST 2015

> Can you go on priv with this conversation? It is Newton Talk group. 
> Not about Italian, music, sound, Mac OS X etc...

    You are, of course, correct. Then again...
    The last time I read the NewtonTalk FAQ, which admittedly was
    a long time ago, it said that NTLK maintains a somewhat casual
    atmosphere regarding off-topic posts as long as they are marked
    clearly as off-topic in the subject line. Which I usually do.
    Over time, this list has seen a fair amount of off-topic posts
    (you might want to search the list archive for e. g. "poutine",
    which is but the tip of the iceberg).
    Many of these off-topic discussions have broadened my horizon
    considerably and have, in the long run, been beneficial to the
    Newton community. Like, for example, discussions about HTML.
    These discussions still live in parts of pda-soft.de's HTML code.
    Admittedly, Italian pronounciation isn't in the least
    Newton-related. Except, maybe, for the fact that for someone who
    currently spends about 16 hours a day to make ends meet and who
    splits the remaining time between sleep, family, Newton support
    and Newton repairs, each minute saved by tapping the list's joint
    brain is a minute that could be dedicated to Newton issues. Like
    e. g. shortening the line of comatose Newtons currently
    queueing at his workbench or shortening the list of people
    waiting for a battery rebuild...
    Apart from the above: This list's digests have become so silent
    at times that I sometimes wish for the occasional off-topic post
    just to prove I am still subscribed :-) 

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