[NTLK] OMP serial connection problems

Tony Kan tonykan at xtra.co.nz
Tue Nov 24 22:06:56 EST 2015

Do you know anyone with an multimeter and/or oscilloscope?  

The multimeter will only tell you if the pins are showing any voltage and
whether or not it is steady.

If it passes that test then you need an oscilloscope to see what's going on.

This document might be helpful in working out how different pins are meant
to behave:  http://www.splorp.com/pdf/interconnect.pdf 


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32Bit Vista on an IntelCore2Duo.

So, if this IS a hardware error, do you have any advice?

Obviously trying out a different USB-serial adapter is a start. The adapter
I have is really hard to find drivers online for, so I don't even know if
the drivers we downloaded are for this exact model. They made a couple
versions of these Gigaware adapters. Windows says it is working, but...

I know there is only so much that can realistically be done on the OMP side,
but if you have any ideas, do let me know.

Maybe checking it out in the diagnostic mode?

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