[NTLK] Can't connect my Newtons...

Dan dan at dbdigitalweb.com
Sat Apr 16 12:42:01 EDT 2016

I suspect it has nothing to do with your Newton's but the router.  I
would check its settings.  Not just a reboot but perhaps reset and
reconfigure it.  I have seen cases where a router was seemed to be set
up properly but didn't work, but then after a reset and reconfigure it
did.  Also if you haven't tried turning off all encryption, I would do
that.  I have also had this problem with DSL/Cable modems at times where
nothing worked but a full reset and reconfigure (and it worked fine for
months without any changes then after a power failure it went crazy).
But if your modem is working fine with other devices, I doubt that is
the problem.


Perhaps a firewall in the router got turned on and is blocking your Newtons.

On 4/16/2016 9:02 AM, Piotrowski Paweł (Newton) wrote:
> Still I haven’t solution :(
> What I’ve done:
> 1. Full Newton reset and all soft&config from beginning - nothing
> 2. Reboot all network - nothing
> 3. I’ve changed WiFi card to LAN card on Newton - nothing
> I don;t have other ideas…
> Any advice? Anything, Guys?
> Best regards,
> Pawel Piotrowski

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