[NTLK] Einstein & Pi Zero

Elias Basse kd5jfe at gmail.com
Thu Dec 29 07:29:03 EST 2016

This sounds almost like a continuation of another project that I was
working on to get a modern browser to the newt.  I was able to use an rpi
to serve as a vnc server on the network, thus allowing me to access it from
the newt but ran into a bandwidth bottleneck.

With einstein running on the same machine it removed said bottleneck and
made things snappy and responsive.

Einstein can run fully on a pi, with more overclocking, add in higher
resolution screens which einstein can scale to, and a fully working
prototype can exist.

With the advent of 3d printers, we can make the newton live on thinner case
hardware (I like the screen size though). Custom boot screen for rpi can be
made to simulate a newton boot and give it a better feel.  The biggest
issue with new hardware is that it is way more power hungry, and would be
equivalent to charge every other day or every day to use.

I am relaunching my pi project to tune a few things but this may be a good
adaptation to do this in the new image. The first pi image that was made
never completely released to the public due to website issues.

I have a design in my head using off the shelf components, and even a
charge circuit using usb with a lipo that could fit in a traditional newton
case.  With some work, it could fit in a custom printed enclosure made to
look like a "new newton".

Best Regards,
Elias Basse

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