[NTLK] Newton gateway idea

Jake Bordens jake at allaboutjake.com
Sun Jan 10 19:43:40 EST 2016

>I wonder if it would be possible to write a “transport” (I can’t remember the correct NIE term) for NIE that bypassed the lower layers of the stack while retaining the upper interface layers such that client software was oblivious?

This should be possible, a transport could be written and instead of using NIE, it would use a serial connection and AT commands to the WiReach.

>I was assuming, perhaps inaccurately, that a hardware solution would be easier (more compatible).

I think you're thinking is basically sound.  It is easier to write code on modern hardware and in modern languages.  It is more difficult to write NetwonScript.  A solution with a hardware proxy would be "easier" in that it is more accessible to modern developers.  You REALLY have to want to develop for NewtonOS if you're going to go through the trouble of setting up a toolchain in an emulator and learn the language.  (Though the documentation is pretty good if you're up for the challenge)

>Yes, I saw that — port 0 only, I think?  But it struck me that 2Mbps is not terribly slow, at least for the kinds of things you’d want to do on a Newton.

I believe port 0, yes.  And you set the baud rate to 0 to indicate that you're using an external clock.  I've never tried it, and the N2 documentation has been wrong before, so who knows if it was ever implemented?

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